Musical composition, arrangement and sound design

Advertising, audiovisual, films, entertainment and multimedia.

Monitoring room JMB Studio

Monitoring room 20m2

LEDE acoustic design

Sound recordings room JMB Studio

12m2 Acoustic cabin

Neutral acoustic room

JMB Studio equipment

Digital and analog

The best of both worlds


Located in the close suburbs of Paris at ERMONT (Val d'Oise) - France, 20 minutes from central Paris. We specialize in sound design, audio design and production for advertising, audiovisual and multimedia. JMB Studio is part of the network and activities of the production music library: Musicjag publishing.

The Studio is designed for the creation and accompaniment of artistic projects, composition, arrangement, editing, recording, mixing and mastering.

Musicjag publishing

Music library for audiovisual productions

JMB Studio is part of the Musicjag network, music publishing and supervision, specializing in the fields of film, audiovisual and multimedia. We offer several catalogs in a wide range of styles.

Sound design

Foley sounds, soundscapes and sound effects library

We distribute a large library of high-quality sound effects, effects and soundscapes to audiovisual professionals. This library is available for download on the site below.