The best of vintage and modern technology

The JMB Studio Monitoring room

The entire system is based on digital recording in 96kHz-24bit using two high-end audio acquisition cards, TC Electronik and RME and renowned vintage analog microphones, preamplifiers and compressors such as Neumann, Telefunken and Teletronix. This achieves excellent audio quality in both recording and mixing.

Digital Audio Hardware

- Recording and mixing are performed on an MAC STUDIO M2 Max 12 cores computer, 64Go of RAM.
- Storage on SSD 4 To and HD of 18 To.
- Graphic card 30 cores metal 3 for audiovisual mixing.
- CUBASE PRO 13 software and Plug-in WAVE (Platinum bundle + V-series) allowing high quality mastering.
- Audio / MIDI interface TC Electronic StudioKonnekt 48 (12in 12out analog, 12in 12out digital) with Studiocontrol remote control.
- Audio / MIDI interface RME Fireface 802 (12in 12out analog, 18in 18out digital) with RME ARC USB remote control.
- Daw Production Controler PRESONUS Faderport 16
- MIDI patch / mixer ROLAND A-880.

- GENELEC 1031a control monitors with SUB 1092.
- Additional monitors, NS10m YAMAHA and AURAONE 5C.

MIDI sensors, Samplers and Synths

- KOMPLETE KONTROL S49 MK2 master keyboard
- ROLAND TD4 mesh electronic drum kit.
- CASIO MG510 MIDI Stratocaster guitar.
- Native instruments Kontakt 7 virtual sampler.
- Virtual instruments: BFD3, KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE (Absynth 5, Battery 4, FM8, Guitare Rig 6, Reaktor 6, Massive.

FX and Instruments

Audio FX equipment at JMB Studio

Hardware devices

- TELETRONIX LA-2A tube compressor-limiter.
- TELETRONIX LA-3A compressor-limiter UREI TELETRONIX LA-3A.
- UREI 1178 stereo Peak-limiter.
- WARM AUDIO WA-2 compressor-limiter.
- KLARK TEKNIK 76-KT Peak-limiter.
- GOLDEN AGE PROJECT COMP-3A compressor-limiter.
- DRAWMER DL241 stereo compressor-expander.

Musical instruments at JMB Studio

Musical instruments

- Stratocaster SCHECTER et Telecaster FENDER Standard.
- 3/4 EPIPHONE Emperor et 1/2 EPIPHONE Sheraton.
- Clasical TAKAMINE C128 et electro GODIN Multiac.
- Folk MARTIN D18 et YAMAKI W300.
- Bass GODIN LR Baggs A5 and CORT Artisan A5.
- Bass MUSICMAN Stingray 5 FT and FENDER Jazzbass 5c.
- Resonator Dobro Hound Dog Delux and MG10 Johnson.
- Banjitar GOLDTONE GT750 and mandoline style F THE LOAR LM600 VS.

Audio Backline Son at JMB Studio

Instrument Amplifiers

- MARSHALL Valvestate 40 V
- Tube FX Preamp VOX ToneLab LE Valvetronix.

Synthesizer keyboard at JMB Studio

Master synth keyboard

Control virtual instruments in MIDI.

Electronic Drums Roland TD4 at JMB Studio

Electronic Drums Roland TD4

In duet with BFD3 and Native drums.